Ultimate Auto

home & office window tinting

Ultimate Auto provides a complete solution for home, conservatory and office window tinting. A variety of sun control, safety & security, and decorative window films are all available. From one window to a multi-storey office block, no job is too big or too small.



  • protection from up to 99% of harmful UV rays within your home or workplace
  • preserves the value of your property by reducing fading of valuable furnishings
  • reduces unwanted glare for computer and TV use. Office window tinting can reduce glare by up to 85%, increasing comfort and productivity in the workplace
  • keeps up to 75% of heat out in the summer, allowing cool relief and a comfortable home or working environment; reduce cooling costs by up to 30%
  • prevents up to 25% of heat loss in the winter, keeping energy bills lower
  • provides privacy for occupants
  • increases security by hiding valuables from prying eyes and impeding break-ins through windows and doors
  • protects windows from severe weather conditions and accidents
  • adds style with decoration and texture that won’t sacrifice natural light or views
  • can be removed and replaced as necessary to offer continued optimal protection, and comes with a warranty



UV protection – stay healthy

Window tinting from Ultimate Auto is one of the most effective ways to protect against harmful UV rays and is a Skin Cancer Foundation recommended product. UV damage is accumulative and irreversible, and is a major cause of skin cancer. 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays penetrate an average day’s cloud cover, so it doesn't have to be a sunny day to be damaging to your health.


A window tint will filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the interior of your building. It will also reduce up to 40% of heat in the summer months, helping to maintain an ambient temperature and negate the need for air conditioning.


security – stay safe

Window tinting is an extremely effective way of hiding valuables from unwanted prying eyes. You can protect your investments further, and help eliminate the risk of theft with a clear security film which is designed to hold glass in place, even if shattered; available in either a clear or tinted sun control option.


It can also offer great protection during storms or in the event of a break-in, when windows are the most vulnerable points in your home. The film is designed to hold windows in place, even when shattered.


aesthetics – look good

With a huge variety of decorative styles to choose from for windows or doors, you can give your home or office a stylish, customised feel. Decorative and textured films are a fraction of the cost of etched glass and can easily be changed to suit requirements. They afford privacy, without sacrificing natural light and beautiful views.



about our window tinting

Ultimate Auto use only the highest performance and quality tinting films that are fully tested and proven to last. The use of tinting films offers several benefits, as well as great aesthetics, for any building.


We can tint the smallest window, through to whole office blocks with a completely bespoke service, customised to your needs. We can visit your home or office when it suits you; we offer flexible appointment times to minimise disruption.