Ultimate Auto


Ultimate Auto is Cambridge’s longest-standing motorcycle paint protection film specialist. The tough properties of our paint protection film means that it will protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your motorbike from damage caused by:



Ultimate Auto environmental damage Ultimate Auto Motorcycle scratches and abrasions
stone chips environmental elements bugs scratches & abrasions



We only use premium-brand innovative and technologically advanced films, with the following benefits:


  • self-healing - innovative molecules in the film reform after impact, so most scratches and scuffs will disappear under heat!
  • fuses seamlessly with paintwork, providing a protective barrier with optical clarity so it won’t alter your bike’s appearance
  • stylih and attractive high-gloss finish with UV stability to prevent yellowing or fading
  • extremely durable - OEM tested and sport approved in the harshest environments
  • removable and replaceable - a single part can be replaced if necessary, without needing a full kit
  • preserves your bike’s optimum appearance and maintains its resale value
  • provides peace of mind and stress free riding in all conditions
  • great value - optimum protection against chips and scuffs with low fitting costs



Our paint protection film comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, a lifetime installation warranty, and is guaranteed against:


  • Yellowing                                                                                                                                             
  • Dulling
  • Lifting
  • Shrinking/orange peel effect


Motorcycle paint protection filmabout our paint protection

Motorbike tanks, side panels, fenders, headlights and even motorbike helmets will all benefit from paint protection. Kits are available for all makes and models of bike, and as opposed to car kits which have to be professionally installed due to their complexity and size, bike kits are specifically designed to be DIY fit and easy to install. You can either buy a kit from us and install yourself, or we will professionally install for you with a fast turnaround - we are able to visit you at your preferred location, or offer a while-you-wait service at our workshop in Cambridge. As the areas covered are generally quite small, there is much less complexity in the shapes and contours; this means you get optimum protection against chips and scuffs, but benefit from the reduced costs of fitting.


Most makes and models of bike since 2000 have a specific template already designed, and we continue to produce new ones each week that provide optimal coverage and protection, ensuring your peace of mind. We assess press or demo bikes so we can see each and every area that gets damaged, and then make corresponding templates.


Whether you want standard coverage to protect the most vulnerable areas, extended coverage for improved aesthetics, or full coverage for ultimate protection, we have a protective film solution for you. You can customise your package by choosing as many or as few components as you like.